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Step 1 - Ready to Start on Your Own?

Outrun CF Virtual Race

The Outrun CF Virtual Race series is a collaborative effort between CysticLife and The Rock CF Foundation. The goal is to get people running or walking by having virtual races throughout the year. The way it works is that a participant registers for a race and commits to running/walking whatever distance they would like in their hometown on race day. Registrants train, receives a unique race tshirt in the mail, and then run/walk whenever they are in the world and whatever distance they trained for all on the same day. After the race, registrants post pictures of themselves “outrunning CF” on the Outrun CF fan page to share what they’ve accomplished.

Register for the November 28th Outrun CF Virtual Race HERE

Step 2 - Need Help with Funds to Get Started?

Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation

CFLF awards Recreation Grants up to $500 to be used toward recreation activities for people with CF. Applicants also have the option of incorporating a Peer Support or Recreation Mentor to participate with the grant recipient in the activity for which assistance is being requested. If a grant is awarded, funds will be paid directly to the designated activity provider. The intent of this program is to help improve lifestyle. Therefore, preference is given to applications requesting assistance for ongoing activities, as opposed to one-time events. Applications may be submitted once every 12-months, and may include single or multiple activities on the same application.

Examples of how to use a Recreation Grant:

•Swimming lessons
•Horseback riding lessons/leasing
•Rock climbing lessons
•Surfing lessons
•Yoga classes
•Dance classes
•Martial arts classes
•Water aerobics classes
•Fitness classes
•Gym membership
•Ski/snowboard pass
•Summer camp
•Sports camp
•Triathlon training camp
•Marathon fees
•Golf fees
•Sports team/league fees

Apply HERE

Step 3 - Want a Mentor To Help You?

CFit: Cystic Fibrosis Exercise Program

Would you love to start an exercise routine? Wouldn’t it be really helpful to have a coach who is on our side? A coach who not only knew CF inside and out, but who also understood exercise physiology, how to design an exercise program and how to motivate and encourage us. It would also be great if the coach actually lived with CF, and was successful at maintaining his or her own program, you know, that actually “walked the walk.” We can dream can’t we?

It just so happens that some dreams do come true! What you've been looking for is called CFit: Cystic Fibrosis Exercise Program.

CFit is a new program developed by CysticLife and New Day Wellness, with the support of several CF care providers including adult and pediatric pulmonologists, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, nutritionists, and exercise experts. This three-month program will be limited to ten individuals, and includes the development of an appropriately challenging exercise program using home-based equipment (provided) and weekly coaching sessions by phone or over the Internet. There is no cost to participate and there are no infection control issues to deal with when using this innovative approach to teaching and facilitating exercise in the adult CF population.

Applications will be accepted until October 15th, so apply today!! The CFit program will begin January 6th, 2014.

*Participation Requirements*

•Applicants must have cystic fibrosis and be 18 years of age or older.
•Applicants must complete the online application and be selected to be included in the CFit program.
•Upon acceptance into the CFit Exercise Program, applicants must provide:
•Prescription to participate by applicant’s CF care provider.
•Signed Coaching Agreement.
•Signed Consent and Release form

For more information about the CFit Exercise Program and to apply, Click HERE

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